You CAN make money as a writer! BIG money! You can turn your ideas into best-selling books, acclaimed magazine articles, Oscar® worthy screenplays, highly rated television shows and widely produced stage plays! 

Think about it. 

Can a lawyer write best-selling novels? John Grisham did! 

Can a video store clerk write and direct Hollywood features? Quentin Tarantino did!

Can someone write and self-publish a simple, 100-page business book that becomes an international bestseller? Ken Blanchard did!

Can you—no matter who you are or what you do—create a profitable writing career for yourself? Yes! 

The key is, you have to know how it’s done. How do the “big boys and big girls” play the game? What sets them apart from everyone else?

My intensive three-day workshop will pass the crucial secrets along to you. You’ll learn vital writing tips and tricks. You’ll get an inside look at the world of publishing. You’ll learn what it takes to break into the notoriously competitive Hollywood scene. 

The fact is, I have “Been There and Done That!” You’ll read all about that below—in “About the Instructor.” 

My Career Writing Workshop is based on the course materials I developed for English 498, “Writing as a Career,” which I teach at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. 

Whether you want to write fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, stage plays, sitcoms or feature film screenplays, you will gain a wealth of information from this workshop! 

You’ll learn about:

• THE FOUR CONSIDERATIONS: Keys to writing things that SELL! 

• THE FANAFI PRINCIPLE: Finding the forum and content that work perfectly for you.

• THE FIRST FIVE: How to capture and hold the reader’s attention. 

• STORY ARC and CHARACTER ARC: Making it compelling, complete and satisfying. 

• MOMENTUM: How to build it and sustain it.

• BREAKING OUT FROM THE “BLAHS:” Secrets of writing dialogue, making better word choices, adding variety, unleashing your creative potential.

• HOW TO WRITE A BOOK PROPOSAL: You have to sell what you write!


• HOW TO WORK WITH AGENTS: They are the “good guys!”

• HOW TO ANALYZE CONTRACTS: What to look for, how to choose a lawyer to help you avoid common pitfalls.

• PERMISSIONS AND COPYRIGHTS: Five things you must know!

• FOREIGN AND ANCILLARY RIGHTS: Which rights should you retain; which ones should you sign away?

• HOW TO TURN YOUR WRITING INTEREST INTO A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS: Deduct your expenses and protect your assets!


You will leave this workshop prepared to achieve your dream!


Steve Gottry is a published author, produced screenwriter and sought-after ghostwriter. 

• His books have been published by Harper Business and William Morrow, both part of the Rupert Murdoch empire—the largest media conglomerate in the world. The Fox Network, Fox News, 20th Century Fox, Fox Sports Network, and Harper Collins Publishers are all a part of this mega-player’s media, film entertainment and publishing empire. 

• He has ghostwritten a number of significant books for business leaders, educators, physicians and others.

 • He has written four produced screenplays—one of which has been dubbed into 82 languages and has been seen around the world. 

• He has written for the stage, and has written, produced and directed award-winning videos, television spots and radio commercials. 

• He is a former broadcaster who began working as a radio station DJ at age 16. 

• He started, owned and operated an advertising agency that served major book publishers and Hollywood film production companies for more than 23 years. 

• His college course, English 498/Journalism 498, “Writing as a Career,” has been a wildly successful offering at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Steve is the “Writer-in-Residence” at GCU.    


   Be sure to contact Steve via a link on this Web site to receive weekly writing tips, along with information on upcoming workshops!

Let Steve help you launch your writing career!   

For more information, contact:            

Steve Gottry           
Priority Multimedia Group, Inc.           
P. O. Box 41540           
Mesa, AZ 85274-1540            
Fax: 480-831-7373   


Q: Do you have any type of guarantee? 

A: Absolutely! If, at the end of the first day of the workshop, you are not completely satisfied, simply return the complete notebook that was given to you when you arrived, and you will receive a FULL REFUND of your workshop fee. (The refund does not include your travel expenses, meals, hotel room or other costs.) If, at the end of the second day, you feel that you are not getting what you paid for, return your complete notebook for a 50% WORKSHOP FEE REFUND, not including travel, meals, hotel and other expenses. 

Q: A lot of your work, such as “The Story of Jesus for Children,” seems to have a “Christian” emphasis. Is this basically a religious workshop? 

A: Absolutely not! Yes, it is true that I taught “Writing as A Career” at Grand Canyon University, a Judeo-Christian institution in Phoenix. And it’s true that much of my work has a “faith-in-life” emphasis. But I openly welcome interested writers of all faiths—or no faith at all—to ALL of my workshops. My goal is to help you become a published author or a produced screenwriter, not influence or evaluate your subject matter or your religious beliefs. Your “voice” as a writer has to be yours alone! 

Q: What is the basis of this workshop? How has it been presented previously? 

A: This began as an upper-division college-level course that I have taught at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Most of my students were seniors with strong English and writing skills, as well as a very high interest in writing as a career. I developed, and have since refined, all of the course materials myself. The reason I use the word “refined” is because the university course involved 42 hours of classroom instruction, plus 10 carefully designed assignments, spread over a 16-week semester. I have had to “compact” the course to focus on essential points in order to make sure that you walk away from the workshop with the information you need to build your career as a writer. 

Q: Is this going to be three days of long, drawn-out boring lectures? 

A: I sure hope not! I’d never attend anything like that myself. (But read the comments from my students. They’ll tell you I’m not boring!) You can expect to draw vital information from the very complete workshop notebook, from engaging videos, from PowerPoint presentations and interaction with your fellow writers. 

Q: Will you be the only instructor, or are there others? 

A: I count numerous authors, screenwriters, agents, publishers, editors and film producers among my friends. They have told me that they’d love to be a part of this. But I’m going to be completely straight with you. If only three or four people attend the workshop in Orlando, I’m going to be the entire show. But if three or four thousand people sign up, we will have so many “breakout sessions” that you will have a difficult time choosing which ones to attend. We can get John Grisham, Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard or Oprah Winfrey to talk to us…for a price! The bottom line is that I will do everything I can to introduce you to successful authors, screenwriters, marketers, agents publishers and producers. And if they don’t come to the workshop you attend, I will help you get in contact with them. 

Q: What happens if you have to cancel a workshop? 

A: You get a full registration/tuition refund. 

Q: How can I make sure you’re legit? 

A: Google me, read one of my books, or watch one of my DVDs. Or, sign up for the workshop and ask for your money back if you’re not satisfied, per my guarantee outlined above. 

Q: What if I have a question you haven’t answered here? 

A: Contact me by email: gottry@mac.com

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