I have your basic “love/hate” relationship with the Internet. (Reminds me of a couple of ex-girlfriends.)

I hate it when my emails don’t go through, or the server goes down, or some program crashes in the middle of a great idea. (Bill, you know the program to which I am referring. How you got rich writing that crummy code is beyond my comprehension. Forget forwarding those bogus emails. I’ll never do it. Send me $25 per crash instead.)

The “love” part is the instant nature of it all. I can write something on a “blog,” and you can write back to me. I especially love the fact that it can take us lots of clicks and 40 minutes to communicate a few simple thoughts this way. Sure beats a 2-minute phone call. (Wait! What am I saying?)

Anyway, read my blog. Egg me on. Respond. Reply. Reinvent.

Let’s talk about writing. Why we do it. Why it’s so vital to us. Why you’re going to send me money to attend my workshop.* Whatever.

Just click the button below and get started!

*Remember, I guarantee the workshop will be worth it!

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